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Our MD Sirin's coaching approach is solution driven and we work with clients to build clear, well-informed and individualised solutions to achieve their potential.  As a coach Sirin does not believe in worrying about, or wasting too much time on, what has not worked but prefers to focus on what could work, why and how. 


With the facilitative process of coaching, Sirin has been working on unlocking capacity, building confidence and developing individual leadership brand and impact.  Benefits include improved self and external contextual awareness, testing ideas in a safe space, achieving change, individual development, preparation for a new role, raising individual profile, improvement in communication and interpersonal skills, resolution of conflict and ability to influence and build leadership capacity.


Sirin’s professional background provides her with in depth expertise for working with her clients on strategic business coaching and with measurable results.


Sirin’s coaching specialty

  • Building confidence and clarity

  • Building individual leadership brand

  • Building leadership impact

  • Cultural awareness and training

  • Team coaching for effective and motivated team development

  • Building influence

  • Career transitional coaching

  • Strategic business coaching                                                                  

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