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Our clients are typically managers and leaders who are working within the international education sector to meet ambitious targets.  We work with our clients to support them to achieve their individual and organisational goals by creating bespoke, effective and impactful solutions.


As a consultant, Sirin utilises her knowledge and leadership experience of over 20 years in the international education sector, and applies her coaching skills to identify and understand clients’ real needs and organisational priorities, to create evidence-based, bespoke, workable and outcome-focused road maps and plans. 


Sirin is an experienced strategist who is extremely professional and entrepreneurial.  She is sensitive in creating bespoke recommendations that understand both the internal culture and the external environment and which also take on board institutional ambitions and capabilities.  Sirin’s coaching background enables her to ask difficult questions in a collaborative manner and to challenge the institutional norms constructively, allowing institutions to consider new approaches.


Sirin specialises in global engagement strategy, student recruitment, the marketing of international teaching partnerships, training and the building of internal capabilities, and always with a focus on internal buy-in for successful creation and delivery of strategies and plans. 


Our areas of expertise and services include

  • Creation and implementation of global engagement strategies 

  • Creation and implementation of bespoke international partnership strategies and business plans

  • Creation and implementation of Transnational Education (TNE) strategies and plans from selecting partners, recruiting staff and the marketing of TNE

  • Creation of a clear return on investment measures linked to strategy

  • Building and training effective and outcome-focused motivated teams

  • Creation of successful student recruitment strategy and marketing plan

  • Market-led programme creation

  • Market research into pricing and product positioning

  • Selection and effective management of agents

  • Development of successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategy from enquiry generation to enrolment

  • Increase in sponsored students

  • PGT and PGR recruitment

  • Successful conversion plans

  • Interim management and professional outsourcing services to cover marketing and recruitment in selected regions

  • Deep regional and country expertise, in particular for South East Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia and Europe

  • Mapping of organisational readiness and creation of influential plans for internal buy-in


We work with distinguished associates to bring our clients the essential expertise and knowledge to provide the best service to match their needs.

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